Bostwick-Braun Industrial

We are a certified LENOX® Weld Center, offering a state of the art facility that customizes most blades within 24 hours.

Regardless of application, we offer band saw blades to meet your needs with the highest quality. Any blade we produce meets LENOX® factory specifications. Minimize downtime, maximize productivity and efficiency with the RIGHT tool for the job. All custom blades guarantee a uniform blade thickness, matched teeth, finished weld area, and a long production life.  Complete our form and speak with our team about your custom band saw needs today!

What do you get when you use our Weld Center?

Custom blades to your machine size - .5” wide to 1.5” wide
Hundreds of coil sizes in stock - Multiple tooth pitches available
Quick turnaround time - usually ready to ship within 24 hours
GTO (Guaranteed Trial Order) Process

Find The Right Blade with LENOX® SAWCALC

- Customized Recommendations Optimize Your Cutting Efficiency
- Fast, Easy to Use Navigation
- Build and Manage Customized Profiles

SAWCALC is a state-of-the-art, cut calculator application that matches your unique cutting needs with the perfect LENOX® blade—making sure you get the job done right, cut after cut.

GTO (Guaranteed Trial Order) Process

▪ Buy any LENOX® blade on a GTO

▪ Distributor secure purchase order from end-user

▪ Distributor places factory WTL order or welds the GTO blade from own stock

▪ Free 13 point machine service - check on trial opportunities For 1-1/4” & wider bandsaw blades

▪ Performance guarantee - increased productivity & lower cost per cut

▪ 100% Money Back Guarantee - if blade does not meet or exceed users expectations

▪ LENOX® to process case # to credit distributor for either WTL or distributor provided blades

▪ Have distributors mark POs “GTO ORDER” to ensure proper credit processing